Hingham residents for a low carbon future

Who We Are

We are residents of Hingham, MA coming together to:

  1. raise awareness of the need for aggressive climate action;
  2. support the Town’s efforts to cut emissions; and
  3. work to reduce carbon emissions across our town as quickly as possible.

We hope to achieve these goals through advocacy and education. We have a number of working groups and we are always looking for volunteers to help. If you think someone should do something about climate change, that someone could be YOU!

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Standing Up for Climate Action in Hingham

Hingham Needs a Climate Action PlanHave you watched with increasing alarm the effects of climate change we see every day? Are you concerned about climate change and about what kind of world we will leave our children and grandchildren? Are you wondering what you can do personally? Well, there may be a way that you can have a significant impact.

Hingham’s town government administrators feel an obligation to respond to these concerns and, even as they continue to deal with Covid19, plan to propose an approach to mounting a community-wide effort to fight climate change here in Hingham. Similar efforts are taking place across Massachusetts, other states, and indeed, around the world.

While you may not have seen much publicity on these efforts locally, several groups in Hingham have been doing valuable work over the last several years that lays the groundwork for development of a comprehensive Climate Action Plan (CAP). This includes drafting a warrant article to be voted on in April 2021.  Stay tuned to the HNZ website, social media and town announcements as this effort develops.   Finally, tell your neighbors and plan to vote for the Article!

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Stand Outs for Climate Action

We are hoping to have small bi-weekly standouts through to April Town Meeting.Hingham Needs a Climate Action Plan

A visible demonstration of support for climate action will be critical in promoting awareness and generating support for approving a Climate Action Plan warrant article in April.

Please join us! We will be alternating between Bathing Beach and Jackass Park (Main St at Hobart St) so please sign up for a location and date that works for you!

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