Who We Are & What We Do


Research scientists have been reporting for years now that the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) – ‘greenhouse gas’ – in the atmosphere as a result of human activity largely determines the extent of global warming. This means that to prevent catastrophic climate change, CO2 emissions need to be reduced to zero. ‘Net zero’ refers to achieving an overall balance between emissions produced – heating our homes, driving our cars, powering our appliances – and emissions taken out of the atmosphere.

Hingham Net Zero was formed in 2019 by Turner Bledsoe, John Borger and former Select Board member Laura Burns. Their goal in forming HNZ was to convince the town to develop a Climate Action Plan for reducing carbon emissions to “net zero” by 2050 (if not sooner) – a goal that scientists from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believe is imperative to meet in order to prevent catastrophic and irreversible effects associated with a changing climate.

Who We Are

We are:

  1. Your neighbors in Hingham. Maybe you know us from growing up here, or the kids’ school activities and PTOs, the snack bar line on the Commuter Boat, from serving together on Town Committees & Boards, doing yoga at the harbor, rowing at Hingham Maritime Center, or just running into us often at the Transfer Station, town pier, the train, the grocery store, the gym, Wompatuck, World’s End or Bare Cove Park.
  2. Following the science of global warming. We’ve been getting more and more concerned about what we’ve been experiencing during our commute, when we look out our windows, go fishing, tend the garden or enjoy a bike ride or walk in Hingham’s open spaces.
  3. Concerned enough to come together to raise awareness in Hingham, and to advocate for aggressive climate action in our Town. We have different talents, life-experiences, perspectives, energy-levels and senses of urgency, but we agree that change is important and necessary.

What We Do

Working Groups

Our activities are planned by small working groups. We have lots of ideas – more than we can accomplish!  That’s why we’re hoping you’ll pitch in.  Here are our current working groups:

Community Engagement: Members plan and develop programs that will engage Town officials and members of the public. To date, this group has collected Climate Stories, developed ideas for on-line forums and recruited residents to deliver them, established parameters for the “Coaches On Call” one-on-one assistance program, and encouraged Climate Standouts at highly visible areas around Town.

Hingham Municipal Light Plant (HMLP): These Early Birds attend HMLP Board meetings – usually held at 7:30am – to advocate for and support HMLP’s renewable energy projects and incentive programs for rate-payers who want to purchase Electric Vehicles (EVs), solar panels, heat pumps, etc. At HNZ monthly meetings, members report on discussions and progress, consider next steps for the next HMLP meeting and next group meeting.

Social Media:  Initially focused on Facebook, members design content or share existing content on Hingham Net Zero’s page as well as other larger Hingham groups, Hingham Anchor, etc. We plan to grow this footprint on Instagram and likely Twitter in 2021.


Community Forums: To date, members who have been early adopters of green technology and products have shared their experiences at well-attended Forums about “How to Buy” / “What You Should Know About” Electric Vehicles (EVs)”, solar panels, heat pumps, etc. (Check out What You Can Do in the top menu to see our forum topics with helpful information to TAKE ACTION at home)

Community Stand-outs: Maybe you’ve seen us at the Bathing Beach on Rt. 3A and/or Jackass Park on Main St., holding signs, smiling and waving for an hour or more.

Climate Coaching: members who are willing to spend time with individuals who are interested in a more in-depth understanding of what is involved with investing in EVs, solar panels, heat pumps, etc.

Our general meeting is the third Wednesday every month. Sign up for our email list and you’ll be notified by email. (Please put hinghamnetzero@gmail.com in your email address book, because sometimes we end up in folders where you might not see us.

) If you’d like to get going right away in one of these working groups, send us an email at hinghamnetzero@gmail.com and we’ll put you in touch with the coordinators.