With the Upcoming Vote on the Climate Plan Warrant Articles at Town Meeting, Hingham Needs to Focus

by Laurie Freeman Would you like to hear some great news about climate change? Recent studies including a groundbreaking report by Rewiring America show that we don’t need miracle technologies to address it – we have real solutions now, and if we deploy them rapidly – we can still protect our children from the worst Read more

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We Joined the Hingham Civic Association!

We are proud to join the Hingham Civic Association along with all the other wonderful non-profit organizations who serve Hingham. The Hingham Civic Association is a group of Hingham community organizations coming together to ensure that civic organizations thrive in a post pandemic world. We are looking forward to engaging with Read more

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An Incomplete Reading, Watching, and Listening Guide

Books, TV, film, youtube, magazines, and podcasts are a great portal to learn about environmentalism and the climate crisis. Whether you are interested in learning the basic science, imagining a post-apocalyptic future, appreciating nature, or exploring solutions there is something out there for you. We have compiled an incomplete list of Read more

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Town Meeting Date Announced

SAVE THE DATE: TOWN MEETING MAY 8 at 2pm at Hingham High School fields. The Board of Selectmen has confirmed the Town Meeting date. Clear your calendars for MAY 8 at 2pm so you are able to vote and make your voice heard. At this meeting we will be voting on Read more

Must Read: John Borger’s Op Ed Articles

What Exactly Is a Climate Action Plan? A Look at Concord’s Plan… Originally appeared in the Hingham Anchor (2/3/21) and Hingham Journal (3/9/21) We recently commended the Selectmen’s decision to seek approval and resources at Town Meeting for development of a Climate Action Plan (CAP) for Hingham. We provided a brief, Read more

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The Antidote

by Christin Eigenmann Why bother? Switzerland is my home country; it is where I grew up and spent most of my life. And yes, Switzerland is beautiful, Switzerland is literally ‘perfect’. Everything works out perfectly, even the trains leave exactly the minute they were scheduled. Everything is perfectly organized, from the Read more

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CALL TO ACTION – Tell the Advisory Committee that you support the Climate Action Plan warrant articles!

The Advisory Committee is a deliberative body chartered by the Town of Hingham General By-laws to consider all articles in any Town Meeting Warrant and to make recommendations on each article as it deems to be in the best interest of the Town. The CAP warrant articles will be discussed by Read more

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Climate Action Banner at Old Ship Church

A big thank you to Old Ship Church who is kindly hosting our Climate Action sign! We are so appreciative of Old Ship Church's support for climate action in Hingham. By building our network of support, our community can make change. Rev. Ken Read-Brown will be publishing an article on Read more

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2021 Climate Action Plan Warrant Articles

Want to know what HNZ is fighting for? Check out the two warrant articles introduced by the Board of Selectmen that will help our town take the important first steps towards creating a viable Climate Action Plan for Hingham. Voting YES on these articles at Town Meeting 2021 will be critical Read more

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