Residential Solar Panels

Installing solar panels on your home can save you significant money while also reducing your carbon footprint. The HNZ presentation by member John Borger on July 23, 2020 seeks to do the following:

  • Provide a solid grounding in solar terms and concepts (e.g., “net metering”).
  • Help you understand how residential solar actually works mechanically.
  • Acquaint you with internet links to help you get started.
  • Introduce you to the concept of “two streams of value” from solar.
  • Give you specific information on subsidies/incentives/loans for solar.
  • Use a detailed example to help you understand the scale of solar savings, financing a solar installation and managing cash flow to maximize returns.
  • Help you better understand trade offs and risks.
  • Explain how HMLP has implemented solar in Hingham.
  • Generally equip you with the basic information you need to interact more effectively with solar contractors, HMLP and sources of financing.

New! Simple Savings Calculator

Click this button courtesy of NuWatt Energy to calculate your solar savings based on HMLP electric rates, rebates, and tax incentives. It gives an accurate estimate of the production specific to the roof shading and tilt based on LiDAR imagery of the specific address.