The Advisory Committee is a deliberative body chartered by the Town of Hingham General By-laws to consider all articles in any Town Meeting Warrant and to make recommendations on each article as it deems to be in the best interest of the Town. The CAP warrant articles will be discussed by the Advisory Committee in the coming weeks. NOW IS THE TIME to let them know that you are supportive of the articles and the need for climate action.

What To Do:

1. Send an email to with the subject “Hingham Needs a Climate Action Plan”

2. If you would like to use our form letter, cut and paste the text below into the body of the email

3. If using the form letter, we encourage you to insert a personal statement where indicated

4. Add your name to the bottom and send! – emails sent to this address get distributed to all members of the Advisory Committee


Dear Advisory Committee Members:

I am writing to express my strong support for the Select board’s inclusion of articles in the 2021 Town Warrant to develop a Hingham Climate Action Plan with a target of zero carbon emissions by 2040. It is essential to this task, that the articles provide the Climate Action Task Force with a budget sufficient to engage a team of consultants and facilitate the data collection, planning, and development of a comprehensive plan for submittal at the 2022 Town Meeting.

[Insert personal statement – we encourage you to offer personal thoughts on why the town should take action]

Hingham is both a climate vulnerable coastal town and a vibrant community deeply invested in natural resource protection and the health and prosperity of its residents. I agree that a climate roadmap for Hingham will provide many benefits including the following:

• As we face the increasingly existential threat of climate caused storms and flooding, Hingham will want to be ahead of the curve in protecting the town for future generations and minimizing costs of the energy transition

• Hingham should be poised to implement and benefit from climate related incentive structures likely to be enacted by the state pursuant to the Governor’s recently released Roadmap and the climate package just approved by the legislature

• Hingham residents will want to be early beneficiaries of the new clean economy and join the national trend among cities and towns to source renewable energy and begin to electrify transportation and buildings

• Energy efficiency and decarbonization measures will enhance the quality of life for town residents, with cleaner air, cleaner water, safer homes, more attractive and pedestrian friendly town centers and social spaces

• Green lifestyle upgrades also create local job opportunities and can cut energy expenses for households, businesses and the town

I urge the Committee to recommend the Selectboard’s climate articles. Thank you for considering my opinions on this matter,