We feel sure we moved the needle, thank you!
  • At its January 13, 2022, budget hearing, the Select Board agreed to include two sustainability positions specified by Town Administrator Tom Mayo to be included in the proposed Town Administration budget.
    • Mr. Mayo proposed that the budget include a Sustainability Coordinator, to be shared with Cohasset on a two-thirds Hingham/one-third Cohasset basis.
    • Also proposed was a half-time Grant Writer position to enhance the Town’s ability to garner grants to assist in funding its efforts to attain net zero emissions by 2040 and related sustainability activities.
  • The three members of the Select Board and Mr. Mayo were unanimous in recognizing the value of these positions & we feel positive that they will vote in favor of them in due time.
Your advocacy was instrumental in raising the priority of this staffing & exemplified participatory town government at its best. Thank you!