The Antidote

by Christin Eigenmann Why bother? Switzerland is my home country; it is where I grew up and spent most of my life. And yes, Switzerland is beautiful, Switzerland is literally ‘perfect’. Everything works out perfectly, even the trains leave exactly the minute they were scheduled. Everything is perfectly organized, from the Read more

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Living Our Values

by John Borger We started composting kitchen scraps and yard waste around 2010 in a 3-bay composting bin I built out of lumber I salvaged from renovating our front stairway. This eliminated disposal at the Transfer Station of all our food garbage (which, buried underground in large quantities, can emit climate-damaging Read more

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A Physicians’ Climate Story: Love, Loss, Physiology & Duty

by Ben Kerman  I’m a physician, and as I watched the old man breathing with the ventilator–pasty, white and cold–I could not, had not ever, imagined my father this way. We asked the ICU team to remove the breathing tube and ventilator as my father would have wanted, turned up the Read more

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Call for Climate Stories

One of the biggest challenges that climate change scientists, policymakers, and activists have struggled with over the past several decades is COMMUNICATION. How can we effectively convey the urgency of this crisis to as many people as possible and compel them to act? One strategy that has promise is that of Read more

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